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Event Scheduled

Beginner Tai Chi

Courtesy of the Chattery
Monday January 25, 2021 01:00 pm EST
Cost: $12

Certified instructor June Puett will share warm up, six basic movements and cool down exercises suitable for any fitness level including seated. This slow, gentle form of Tai Chi is evidence based to reduce arthritis symptoms and prevent falls when practiced on a regular basis. Targeted for seniors, Tai Chi for health can help anyone reduce stress and improve balance. Bring your parent or a friend, for a relaxing, fun afternoon.

Wear sturdy shoes and comfortable clothes that provide room for movement. This program is similar to walking in terms of physical exertion. Participants will learn about Tai Chi resources if they want to continue the program.

All participants must sign a disclaimer to participate in this program. One will be sent to you upon sign up.

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