Event Scheduled

Unknown! Untold! Unsung!

Sunday February 28, 2021 12:00 am EST
Cost: $20

Come join Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia on Sunday, February 28th from 3PM EST – 5PM EST for its Annual Black History Month Program.
The cost is $20.

Pay and register here – http://kuumbastorytellers.org/product/kuumba-historical-profiles-of-color/

Kuumba Storytellers of Georgia will be sharing stories of unknown and little-known figures in history who’ve made an impact in their community. These profiles represent individuals from the local, regional, and national landscape. Program will include both live and prerecorded stories!

  • Program subject to change*

Featured Tellers include: Ladoris Bias-Davis, Brenda Griffin, Marsha Holden, Akbar Imhotep, Carsie Mason, Sistah Olufemi.

This program is funded in part through a grant from the 400 Years of African American History Commission.

Website: http://kuumbastorytellers.org/
Email: info at kuumbastorytellers.org

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