Event Scheduled

Buffalo Rose with G-Phat (featuring Shawn Lane of Blue Highway)

Saturday July 31, 2021 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $20-$25,

From the venue:

Tickets: eddieowenpresents.com/events/eddie-owen-presents-buffalo-rose-with-g-phat-featuring-shawn-lane-of-blue-highway/

General admission: $20 advanced ($25 day of show)
Listening to Buffalo Rose is like driving on the open road with the windows down, letting the breezes of various musical styles wash over you. Buffalo Rose commandeers the shimmering and electrifying riffs of the mandolin, (Bryce Rabideau), the cascading guitar arpeggios of folk and bluegrass, (Shane McLaughlin), the ringing purity of the dobro, (Malcolm Inglis), and the steady percussive thrum of upright bass, (Jason Rafalak), providing an effervescent blanket of sound under and around which the ethereal harmonies of Lucy Clabby, Margot Jezerc, and McLaughlin float. There’s a singular beauty in every Buffalo Rose song, whether the group is covering Madonna’s “Borderline” or delivering their stirring original material. The members of the band met four years ago in the Pittsburgh area. “All of us were active in the Pittsburgh music scene,” says McLaughlin.

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