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GAYDM Launch Event with Lezzure Heat

GAYDM Launch Party 980x300
Photo Courtesy of GAYDM
Friday July 16, 2021 09:00 PM EDT
Cost: $15-$30,

From the venue:


LGBTQ+ DJs pioneered electronic dance music. At the height of disco, groundbreaking, gay artists like Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles began implementing heavy bass, breaks, and beats, transforming disco into the techno and house that we know today. Though many may not know it, much of the music we enjoy today at dance clubs is the legacy of almost half a century of LGBTQ+ DJs, mixers, and artists. One of the goals at GAYDM “One Love” is to take back what we created! Let the truth of the music pour out from the closet door and into the heart of the public. It’s a chance for everyone that loves dance music to celebrate its origins. EDM is rooted in our culture and in our community.

Since its inception, EDM has grown from underground scenes to the music that has defined generations. Astonishingly diverse and universally loved, EDM speaks to every race, nationality, gender, and sexuality around the globe. It heightens our senses, quickens our pulse, and drives us to the pinnacle of excitement with a myriad of sub-genres like techno, electro, dubstep, synthwave, lo-fi, and more. As with many art forms, its worldwide acceptance has obscured its true origins. Let’s show the world where true PLUR comes from!

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