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Grocer // Fuiste // Nelward // Floral Print

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Photo Courtesy of Smith's Olde Bar
Sunday July 25, 2021 09:00 pm EDT
Cost: $10-$15
South Philly’s premier alt-rock purveyors return to the stage! A multi-fronted quartet whose repertoire is intricate and immediate in equal amount, Grocer have been hard at work in the kitchen this past 18 months further refining their techniques and slow-cooking a few EPs worth of new tunes. Now with sauces reduced and pans deglazed, they’re ready to serve this setlist up to all willing patrons along the Eastern seaboard and beyond. Recently described as “if the Pixies wrote a musical,” Grocer provides audiences with captivating song structures, clumsy food metaphors, and high-octane performances!
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Smith's Outdoor Shot
1578 Piedmont Ave. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 875-1522