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Bad Guru, Rae and The Ragdolls, Kadillak, Stardust Sonata

Saturday December 11, 2021 08:00 PM EST
Cost: $10-$15,

From the venue:

Atlanta Room. Here's the vibe: Other gurus will tell you to live in moderation. To refrain from forming attachments. To separate oneself from emotional whims. Us? Well... We say to live in excess. To love one other HARD and boldly love thyself. To really FEEL it all, in all its depth and intricacy. We feed the dark wolf alongside the light. Our music spawns from the mistakes, meaning made, and the awestruck experience of the complexity of life. Our spiritual gift is transmuting these moments into heavy bass riffs, poetic lyrical musings, gnarly guitar solos, and catchy drum beats. Our medium is alternative hard rock. You’ll feel the pull of chaos and order, of dark and of light. Life isn’t simple, and our music reflects that. Yeah we meditate. We get spiritual. We connect with the Buddhist teachings of authenticity, universal love, and that the way to the good place is vast and many-sided. But we are, by definition, BAD gurus. Get hella mindful as you fully immerse yourself in the present moment, lose track of time and get in the flow as we cradle your soul with our musical mysticism.
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Smith's Outdoor Shot
1578 Piedmont Ave. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 875-1522
neighborhood: #ansleymall #midtownatl #piedmontheights #morningside