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Zack Fox, Zelooperz

Wednesday February 9, 2022 08:00 PM EST
Cost: $25-$30,
CL's Matthew Warhol Recommends: The Internet shit poster turned stand-up comedian turned rapper is heading back to his native land after years of conquering the world by just being his fun ass self. You may not take Zack Fox seriously as a musician. And he probably doesn’t either. He doesn’t seem to take anything too seriously and that is his beauty. After the one-off song, “Square Up,” with Kenny Beats in 2018, Fox landed a viral moment appearing on Kenny’s YouTube series, The Cave, when the two crafted the hilarious “Jesus Is the One (I Got Depression).” If you have not heard this song before, please go and listen to it. Fox laments about crashing a car into a white-owned business, committing tax fraud, dipping his balls into thousand island dressing, and shouting out mental illness. This humor permeates throughout his debut project, shut the fuck up talking to me, but with clearer song structure and loads more effort. How will Zack Fox’s many mediums present itself in a live performance? I have no idea. And that is what makes it exciting. “R.I.P. Betty White.” — MW

From the venue:

Operating at the intersection of visual art, comedy, and hip-hop, Zack brings his unique, subversive humor and impeccable sense of timing to collaborations with brands including Red Bull, VICE, The FADER, Boiler Room, AMC, and more.
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