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Thursday July 21, 2022 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $44-$46,

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“byebyesea� is comprised of Tree Kim (Namu – vocal, guitar), Sunje (guitar) and Myeongje (bass). “I cross the sea with you.� was their band name before when they debuted and later they renamed as “byebyesea.� Their refreshingly catchy sound and lyrics have been loved for more than sixteen years and have built up a huge fan base in the Korean independent music scene. Winning The Rookie Awards in both 2007 and 2008. Their groundbreaking songs have been used in numerous commercials, television shows and movies. Their hit “Star Shower�, from their debut album “Boy’s Universe� has inspired a feature film of the same name. The film will shoot in Korea with production scheduled to begin in April 2022. “byebyesea� has released five albums and seven EP’s. Each record contains distinctive stories with meaningful messages. As they grow and become more comfortable in their art so do their lyrics and music. Beginning with their debut album ‘Boy’s Universe’, in which they sing about a boy’s pureness and wit. Then continuing with their “characters� growth in their latest album ‘701’. While they continue to write music for “I cross the sea with you�, they are also working as music directors on various film projects. They are currently working on the feature films “Song of the Same Night� (2022), “Insomnia�(2023) and “Star Shower� (2023) the above mentioned feature film.
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