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Channel Tres

#8 Channel Tres Channel Tres
Credit: Channel Tres
Tuesday October 4, 2022 08:30 PM EDT
Cost: $25.00-$39.50,
CL Critic Matthew Warhol Recommends: This is the shit that makes you get down. Channel Tres is a rapper/producer powerhouse with the gift of commanding the dance floor. Mixing house and hip hop, his tracks fuse the best of both genres, the simple, undeniable catchiness of the former, with the bolstering swagger of the latter. His first single, “Controller,” perfectly incapsulates his strengths. His deep voice sinks up with the low bass hits, leaving you with the infectious, “Your body is a game fuck lames fuck the fame. I am the controller.” His debut album is set for release later this year, and fans first taste from it, “Just Can’t Get Enough,” is classic Channel on a higher budget. He takes a Teddy Pendergrass hit from 1977 and twists it into a modern groove, while maintaining the effortless cool of those ‘70s soul legends. Channel is one not to miss. — MW

From the venue:

Channel Tres is a producer, DJ, musician and artist from Compton, CA whose style and aesthetic is quickly making him one of the most buzz-worthy talents to hit the scene. Channel Tres fell in love with the art of music and production at the early age of nine when he stumbled across a CD entitled "The Love Below". From that moment, he knew he wanted to make and be a part of how music inspires people. He started playing drums and directing the church choir as a teenager. Then his desire to explore further music connections led him to attend University in Oklahoma where he studied music technology, composition and theory. His education only broadened his knowledge and love for the craft and set him on a path to create music that is clearly outside of the box.
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