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Wednesday November 2, 2022 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $25 - 38+

From the venue:

ABOUT THE SHOW Making Plans for Nigel:Senses Working Overtime:Life Begins at the Hop:Mayor of Simpleton:Generals and Majors:Dear God:Sgt. Rock:XTC was one of the UK’s most respected and influential bands. Now EXTC - featuring legendary XTC drummer, Terry Chambers - is bringing the XTC songbook to audiences worldwide, including tracks never previously performed for over 40 years. The show spans XTC’s whole career, from their early spiky anthems to the sonic tapestries of later years. EXTC is also writing new material, forging an exciting new direction for Terry and the band. Terry Chambers is one of the world’s most respected drummers. As the driving force of XTC and EXTC, Terry’s unique rhythms propel tracks like Making Plans for Nigel, Senses Working Overtime and Generals and Majors. Joining Terry in EXTC are Steve Tilling (vocals, guitar, ex-TC&I - the band of XTC’s Colin Moulding and Terry Chambers), Steve Hampton (guitar, vocals) and Matt Hughes (bass, vocals). Artists worldwide - including Blur, They Might Be Giants, Kaiser Chiefs, Everything Everything and Franz Ferdinand - cite XTC as a major influence.
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650 North Ave. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 946-3791
neighborhood: #O4W @oldfourthward #o4watlanta