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GLIMMER OF HOPE: Kim Richey revisits her favorite album, ‘Glimmer,’ April 1.
Saturday April 1, 2023 08:00 PM EDT
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CL Critic Hal Horowitz Recommends: Folk/pop/Americana singer/songwriter Richey’s 1999 album Glimmer was a career high point. There have been plenty of wonderful albums since, but this one brought her and her expressive voice to the national stage. So it’s not surprising that she revisited/re-recorded it in 2019 for the disc’s 20 anniversary. She’ll be playing those songs on this tour, plus some gems from the handful of releases that followed and preceded it, all of them worth hearing. - HH

From the venue:

“I started off that record scared to death,” Kim Richey recalls of making ​Glimmer​ with producer Hugh Padgham back in 1999 in New York and London. A disastrous haircut, unfamiliar musicians, and oversized budgets didn”t help matters. “It wasn”t the way I was used to making records.”

The way Richey was used to making records was with friends in a vibed-out, low-key setting. That’s how she made her debut album with Richard Bennett, and it’s how she made her new album, ​Long Way Back… The Songs of Glimmer, ​with Doug Lancio. So Glimmer​ was different, and not just on the production side.

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