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PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy Michael Myerz
MALL RAT: Don’t miss absurdist rapper with 31 albums, Michael Myerz, Apr. 20.
Thursday April 20, 2023 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $15-$20
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CL Critic Jessica Goodson Recommends:  If you went to see The Leprechaun (1993) at The Plaza last month, you probably saw realist rapper Michael Myerz running up and down the aisles performing songs from his 31st album, Mall Rat. Myerz is a rapper and performer who has spent countless hours writing about anything and everything. His energetic personality shines through his music that’s full of cool synths and absurdist sound effects that give listeners an immersive experience into Myerz’s mind. Mall Rat is a great representation of what it would’ve been like to grow up as the local skater kid or mall-goer in grade school. Myerz describes it as “anti-poser shit” and delves into these experiences through songs like “Shop Lifter” and “Hot Topic Hootenanny.” You’ll definitely have a good time watching Myerz on stage supporting UK juggalo rapper Ouija Macc on Apr. 20 in Purgatory at The Masquerade. - JG

From the venue:

People have compared him to the Edvard Munch of rap due to the absurdity and surrealism incorporated in his music. He prideshimself on being able to rap about anything and make songs about everything. Michael Myerz is more than your average neighborhood rapper, he is a legacy in the making.
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