Chris Duarte Group, Marty Manos Band

#18 Chris Duarte Credit Drew Stawin Photography
Drew Stawin photography
LONE STAR SLINGER: Texas blues rocker Chris Duarte is sure to impress, May 18.
Thursday May 18, 2023 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $12-$20
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CL Critic Hal Horowitz Recommends: Texas bred blues rocking guitarist Duarte has heard the Stevie Ray Vaughan comparisons since his well received 1999 debut and has thankfully ignored them. Instead he kept doing his thing, getting better and cranking out over a dozen albums of mostly original material without much critical or popular fanfare, while consistently blowing away audiences. He’s still at it, now touring behind the new appropriately titled Ain’t Giving Up, another fine, rugged release filled with the Lone Star state rootsy rocking he has perfected over a quarter century of generally under appreciated work. — HH

From the venue:

Chris is a savant, a sorcerer of tone, a master at channeling the spirits and sounds of great musicians of our past, while remaining completely recognizable in his own sound.  He has shared his stage with many of the greatest musicians of our time as well as the multitude of “young lions” and local musicians he meets on the road.  From his many years as a side man in Austin, he easily changes roles from front to side, graciously allowing all to share the conversation of the jam.

Chris Duarte’s music is ever changing.  In many interviews, he has said “Music must evolve.”  His own early offerings often become magical journeys into changing tempo and jazzy interludes before returning to their core.  With such a vast catalog of recordings, there are no two shows alike.  Every set list is different, and each song may be offered distinctly, based on the feel of a show and the audience.  For those reasons, loyal fans often return to a Chris Duarte show again and again, and always walk away awed and satisfied to have witnessed such a legendary, but humble guitarist.

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