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Mogollar Earthquake Relief Concert

Sunday June 4, 2023 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $50.00+

From the venue:

Once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the legends of Anatolian Rock. With a hippie and reformist attitude (protesting war and colonization), Mogollar first interjected psychedelic elements into their hard-rocking beat music in 1967. In their early live performances, violins, cello, and trumpet accompanied the standard guitar-bass-drums lineup. While they were building up a large fan base, their first Anatolian tour changed their lives — as well as the future of Turkish rock music — forever. While touring cities in eastern Turkey, members of Mogollar realized that in order to benefit from folk music they had to utilize traditional instruments like baglama, zurna, yayli tambur, and tulum, in effect creating what would come to be known as Anatolian rock. Attempting to combine the dynamism of Turkish folk music with that of Western-oriented pop and rock, they knew they had to write songs in the Anatolian style from then on. Their legend continues today.
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