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The Church

#25 The Church
PRAYERS NOT NECESSARY: Get some indie rock religion with veteran Australian pop purveyors The Church return Oct.14.
Saturday October 14, 2023 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $25-$160
CRITIC’S PICK: It’s unclear why there isn’t more love and respect for these Australian indie rockers. They created a unique, detached, warm, rather psychedelic guitar sound over the decades and, with a new album just released (somewhere around their 26th), have seldom deviated from that dreamy approach. Founder/singer/songwriter/bassist/frontman Steve Kilby is the only original member, but he effectively carries the tradition into the band’s 42nd year ... and they still sound like no one else. — Hal Horowitz

From the venue:

Few bands enter their fifth decade of making music with all the fierce creative energy of their early years. Even fewer bands are like The Church.

Experiencing a renaissance of sorts with their worldwide critically-hailed 26th album The Hypnogogue and a world tour that took them through North America, the UK, Europe and Australia, The Church was met with fervent audiences who embraced not only their early catalog but their new material as well. UNCUT encapsulated this idea when they wrote in their 8 out of 10 review that “The Hypnogogue is like every other Church album, and nothing quite like any of them; both statements are intended as compliments.”

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