Scribes Youth Writing Workshop: Make a One-Page Comic!

Saturday March 23, 2024 10:00 AM EDT
Cost: $10
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From the venue:

In this workshop, unite the power of drawing with the power of words! We will write a brief story, covering all the major points required in plot. Then, we will draw brief pictures to illustrate those scenes in a comic book-style page. This workshop is ideal for students who are interested in exploring both creative writing and visual storytelling.

About the Instructor:

Ross Boone (AKA Raw Spoon) has degrees in Engineering, Industrial Design, and Theology. He worked in product design for over a decade. Now he is a freelance illustrator. He has written and illustrated several kids’ books and novels. He has also written for major blogs and has written over 800 of his own blogs, about half of those being short stories.

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