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Mozart’s Don Giovanni, A Rock Opera

Wednesday April 17, 2024 03:00 PM EDT
Cost: $27-$42
CRITIC’S PICK: Poor old Wolfgang must be turning in his grave. His exquisite opera Don Giovanni is getting the rock ’n’ roll treatment but is staying true to the essence of the original, we are assured. “The notorious womanizer still meets a supernatural end, but his licentious exploits are now portrayed with frankness and complexity, reflecting today’s more nuanced perspectives on gender and morality,” producers say. Lasting two hours with a 15 minute intermission, it contains “adult themes” and may not be suitable for those under 16. The title character is played by Marcus Hopkins Turner; Leporello by Rob Millerick; The Commander by Andrew Gilstrap; Donna Elvira by Savanna Bracewell; Donna Anna by Caitlyn Waters, and Don Ottavio is played by Timothy D. Parrott. — Kevin C. Madigan

From the venue:

Experience Mozart’s greatest opera, live and on stage, sung in English with a brand new modern translation backed by an electrifying rock orchestra.

While the essential storyline remains intact, the language has been completely transformed into raw, realistic dialogue that brings out the vivid and immediate emotions of the characters. The adaptation expands on details, adding humor to Leporello’s asides and giving newfound strength to characters like Donna Elvira. Scandal and indiscretion are reexamined in the context of evolving social norms.

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