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Griogair and The Brave Collide

Thursday May 2, 2024 08:00 PM EDT
Cost: $30+
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From the venue:

Event Description

General Admission: $30 ($35 day of show)Brave Collide Meet and Greet: $50Griogair Meet and Greet: $50
“Through music, I can express a deep sense of heritage and belonging while showcasing my  unique intercultural outlook.”  
Griogair Labhruidh (lou-ree) is a contemporary recording artist who seamlessly blends  tradition and innovation. Reflecting a deep-rooted heritage, he ventures into unexplored  territory, integrating Scottish Gaelic music with a diverse, adventurous array of influences  such as hip hop, soul, African music, and jazz. 
An award-winning Gaelic singer, Griogair has gained international recognition for his voice  as a featured soundtrack artist and songwriter on the global TV sensation “Outlander.” In  addition to sharing the stage with many preeminent Celtic artists, he has made an impact in  the world music scene as a leading member of the multi-platinum record-selling group,  Afro Celt Sound System.  
In 2024, Griogair will release his highly anticipated solo album, Solace - featuring acclaimed  artists such as Julie Fowlis, iconic screen actor Alan Cumming, and Speech, the founder of  Grammy-winning hip hop group Arrested Development. Encapsulating a long journey of  artistic discovery, the record offers up strikingly fresh musical concepts and original  contemporary songs that explore themes of belonging, nature, and creativity.
Chloë Agnew and Brian McGrane first joined forces in 2017, an era during which releasing covers of popular songs on Youtube had gained significant momentum. After releasing a well-received cover of Coldplays’ “Everglow”, their strong friendship also lended well to their professional relationship. One cover turned into many, then in 2021 Agnew and McGrane released their first original track ‘Somebody Just Like You’ which set an official partnership in motion.
Though their individual careers took off down different paths after that first Coldplay cover, they found parallels along their journeys that would keep them aligned in music and in life. Building a concept around the musical freedom and artistic connection they found when working together felt like the natural way forward for Chloë and Brian, and this eventually paved the way for their new venture, The Brave Collide.
Through a unique writing partnership, Chloë and Brian aspire to reintroduce a simple musical concept to a generation who may have forgotten the power of a performing duo. Drawing inspiration from similar sounds, they throw themselves into a fun and free-flowing creative process to write music that connects with the soul of their listeners. The unique musical strengths that have brought them both individual success come together now in synergy, and the result is a powerful collision of art that carves its own space in today’s musical climate.
The Brave Collide opens up a new creative avenue for Chloë and Brian to explore together. The name represents the bravery that comes with stepping out of your comfort zone, taking creative risks, and bearing your soul to your audience in the process. It’s also a nod to the ever-evolving music industry in which artists are forced to take brave leaps into the unknown in order to reap the rewards.

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