Crowdwork Open Mic

Sunday May 5, 2024 09:15 PM EDT
Cost: FREE

From the venue:

Welcome to Crowded House Comedy! We are Atlanta-based comedians Chris Cassidy and Karie Vieira. We realized early in the game that we needed to punch up our crowd work skills and we figured there were other comics who, like us, might be looking for a safe space to practice, too!

That’s why we decided to develop our Crowd Work Open Mic! We think it’s the first of its kind so, we’ll just say it: the first ever comedy open mic where you don’t need notes, just a willingness to write jokes on-the-fly! All that’s needed is an audience so each comic has a shot at flexing their wit. And don’t worry if you freeze. If you raise the red flag, we’ll give you a suggestion, improv-style.

If this sounds scary, that’s all the more reason to come!

No features and no list-bumping

Pay to Play $5
Audience is free

Online sign-up for a guaranteed 5 minute spot

Bucket at the door gets you 3 minutes

If you’re late and you’re signed up, you will be bumped to the end of the list.

More information


Dynamic El Dorado
572 Edgewood Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30312
678-361-0917 neighborhood: not set