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Elderberry Fortress Beelixir
Grandma was right. She knew how to stay healthy and cut down on doctor’s visits. To ensure her body stayed strong, she relied on the amazing elderberry. Think of Elderberry Fortress as your personal doctor in a bottle.

The Miracle of Elderberries
Elderberry Fortress includes an organic lineup. This includes elderberries, blueberries, echinacea, propolis, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and bee pollen. This elixir is preserved with raw honey and apple cyser vinegar. Use this as your personal army and fortress to fight viruses.

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Built by Bees is a native Atlanta company specializing in an extensive offering of award-winning gourmet honeys. Our product lineup includes: raw, infused and whipped honeys, honey butters, honey shrubs, honey vinegars, honey elixirs, well-being honeys and honey mustards. All of our products use raw... | more...
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