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Introducing the 2019 sofi™ Gold Award winner, a 2020 Good Food Awards finalist and the 2018 Flavor of Georgia winner. Made from Sourwood Honey, an oak barrel aged apple cider mead vinegar base and local spring water. This creates a unique and very flavorful complement to your food.

A Taste Like No Other
When the sweet, warm caramel taste of Sourwood honey collides with the tangy bite of apple cider vinegar, your palate is in for a treat. You’ll taste a unique, compelling and savory twang with every drop.

Made from Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Mead!
The foundation of our Sourwood Balsamic Vinegar is a distinctive apple cider vinegar where apples and honey are blended and fermented together (based on the ancient wine called Cyser) and oak barrel aged for 18 months. With one taste, you will quickly understand why our honey and vinegar helps create unforgettable dishes.

Use this as a special and very flavorful complement to your food.

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