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Andy Browne is one of Atlanta's talented and legendary musicians. His early band, the Nightporters, played the punk/new wave clubs of the 1980s including 688 and Metroplex and opened for bands including The Clash, The Replacements, and R.E.M.

The Andy Browne Troupe has a new album out Elephants. Some of the reviews:

Jeff Siewert Gets in Depth with “Zazel”, and “Elephants “explaining The BackStory of A Little Troupe from Georgia ..

NeuFutur Magazine - Andy Browne Troupe – Elephants (Swing Hard Records) - John Moore: There’s a bit of foreshadowing in the opening track from the Andy Browne Troupe’s latest LP, Elephants. On “England,” over a hypnotic synth line, Browne namechecks a slew of greats – everyone from T Rex and Bowie to The Clash and The Beatles. He could just as easily be listing off his influences as brief snatches of most can be heard throughout Elephants, a textbook example of a great rock record that somehow refuses to be pinned down to one specific sub-genre. [http://neufutur.com/2019/03/andy-browne-troupe-elephants-swing-hard-records/read the article here]   
From “Elephants “ Andy Browne Troupe

"Elephants sounds utterly contemporary while expressing a visceral awareness of the best and deepest aspects of rock history. It is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish — and then from start to finish again." — Anthony DeCurtis, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone

“Tony Paris- Creative Loafing Reviews “Elephants”
Danger Incorporated. - Andy Browne Troupe: Elephants (Swing Hard Records) — From the onset, Elephants is an eager work that

“Couple Years Back” Andy Browne Troupe
Album “Elephants” New Orleans Bluesy SoulFood
https://youtu.be/wHivE7_-3vE From “ Elephants “
Little Tin Soldier ( Shes My)
From “Elephants “ Andy Browne Troupe



Zazel - 2016
Zazel Attacks (A Force of Nature) - 2017
Zazel's Calling - 2017
Elephants - 2018

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