Lynx Deluxe

Lynx Deluxe (Atl,Ga) Eclectic new band signs with Drivin n Cryin Records Digital Release “Jungleland “ 
Digital Release (on Drivin N Cryin Records) 
Lynx Deluxe new reel “Mercy”,
(Filmed on location at Wax N Facts Records and Oakland Cemetery)Atl,Ga.
Directed By Tom Branch 

“The songs are open-hearted, complete, and flourishing with redemptive fodder for the imagination that’s mysteriously timeless.”
Chad Radford (Atl,Ga)
“Here’s something different.” Lynx Deluxe’s Jungleland is a five-song EP that builds its sound around heavy beats. ““The songs themselves are hooky rockers, and jungle sounds figure into the mix, providing a sort of conceptual connective tissue.”
Bill Kopp (Asheville,NC)
“Lynx Deluxe has created a sound all its own. Rocking bass grooves, sonic textures, spirited melodies and lyrics! Their music is real Rock n Roll of the future with a nod to its past!” – 
Dave Dreiwitz (Ween, JRAD)

“I really do like the songs. it doesn’t sound like anything else that is happening now. It’s very fresh and inviting.”
Tim Nielsen (Drivin n Cryin)

“This is fantastic! Really great music,congratulations.. ““I’m really digging it”“Great Production”
Kevn Kinney(Drivin n Cryin)

“Loving these guys. A great take on rock with a swing, bringing me back to the 70’s subtly with a modern feel, Its easy to listen to the entire album without realizing. Its a natural flow!
There’s different identifying factors from song to song every tracks fire,Shits Dope” Xee Foo 

Lynx Deluxe is:..
Andy Browne raised in Birmingham, England,fronted Atlanta’s Nightporters, (touring with The Replacements) supporting acts such as The Clash, REM,The English Beat and Jim Carroll.Prefers Vintage Telecasters, Super Reverbs and Shure Deluxe 55 Vocal Microphones.
Top Three: “Infidels” Bob Dylan,”Obscure Alternative’s” Japan,insert any David Bowie, Curtis Mayfield, Barry White or Stevie Wonder here.

Lucy Theodora born in NYC, raised near Savannah, GA. Studied psychology at Georgia State University. Plays a Music Man bass, SVT Cabinet and Orange Terror.Prefers Vinyl.
Top Three:”What’s Going On” Marvin Gaye,”Sandinista “The Clash,”Ziggy Stardust” David Bowie.

Brad Mattson Minnesota bred and raised.(Drums,Samples,Vocals).Drumming previously for The Phones (Twin Tone Records) .“Real drums, played forcefully and with a keen balance between complexity and sheer power, form the basis of these tunes.”Bill Kopp on “ Jungleland “

Greg Di Gesu is a prolific songwriter originally from Pompton Lakes, NJ, educated at Rutgers, and forming The Wooden Soldiers in the process. A ’77 Telecaster Deluxe, Vibrolux amp, and wah-wah have been Greg’s musical weapons of choice over the years and especially now in Lynx Deluxe. Blue is his favorite color leading to Krishna as his favorite god.
Top Three: The Radha Krsna Temple (an album produced by George Harrison),
The Kinks – The Village Green Preservation Society,
Big Star – Sister Lovers

Shane Perrymen Quiet,demure,subtle. cool,…very.(Trombone,Keys).

Billy Fields Atl,Ga ,Follow for Now, WaitingforUFO’s, Yes, that Billy.(Keys,Arp,Nord)”I just got tired of loud rock guitars and rock egos and that whole mentality, so I just wanted to do something completely different.” Well said ,Billy.


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