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Creative Loafing Presents: Atlanta’s Great Pint Week

The Beer scene has changed all over the world in the past 10 years – and nowhere is it more obvious than major metropolitan cities like Atlanta. Local brewing has turned a hobby for many into a career, a passion and ultimately a movement.

Creative Loafing has teamed up with various bars and restaurants and even coffee shops around Atlanta to offer up to our readers the chance to enjoy a pint of barley and hops for only $3. With the popularity and the demand of craft beers, the cost has skyrocketed for quality and tasteful beers but we want to celebrate the movement with a bargain for YOU!

Check out all our partners, download the Pint Week CHIT to your mobile phone and enjoy a Pint of various tasty beverages for only $3 - throughout the city beginning October 13th.

Download, Share, Drink and Enjoy Atlanta’s Great Pint Week.