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CityGuide - 10 ITP BrewPubs to Quench Your Thirst

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Wednesday January 23, 2019 06:24 pm EST


The growth of craft brewing in and around Atlanta has been a nice feature of the 21st century. Whether it’s inside or outside the Perimeter, area beer lovers have lots of options.

Unfortunately, trying to stay in the know as to the latest creations these spots have brewed up requires sharing your email address, following on social media or using your phone to actually make a phone call and ask. For many of us, none of those things are going to happen, so we miss out on enjoying unique small batches.

Well, Creative Loafing has found ten innovative breweries that have adopted a tech solution to solve that. These breweries are using an app created by a local tech company, World2one, that allows individuals to connect with and hear from the breweries but stay totally anonymous to them and to World2one.

Users of the app never provide any personal information to Creative Loafing, World2one or the breweries. Yet they’ll be able to regularly hear from those breweries whatever information the breweries think will convince them to visit—news of a special brew, an announcement of a food truck night, whatever.

In a world of big data and privacy breaches, Creative Loafing and World2one are betting that you’ll be eager to regain control of your privacy—while staying connected to your favorite businesses. At Creative Loafing, helping folks discover great local spots and make connections with them is consistent with its mission.

In the weeks ahead, Creative Loafing stories will help folks discover area spots for creative burgers, fish tacos, great live music, family entertainment and more, while giving you the option to connect with them–anonymously.

To help further this local connectivity initiative, some area businesses are sponsoring an advertising campaign to promote the local businesses using the technology because it fosters local commerce. Monty Watson, the CEO of Piedmont Bank, one of the campaign sponsors summed up his reasons for being involved, “Promoting local commerce while protecting individual privacy is good for our community–and we want to be part of that.”

As for the ten breweries we talk about here, all you need to do is click on the Add to My World button and each of the breweries will be added into your World2one app. This connects you to the breweries, yet you stay anonymous. If you don’t have the app, when you click on the button you’ll be shown how to get it—and you WON’T have to surrender any personal information or an email address to do that.

Now, back to the reasons why you’d want to always stay in the know as to what these 10 breweries have going on. To help you out, we’ve surveyed some of the review sites, Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. to pull out a sentence or two from well written reviews.

Here they are:


Here, we believe in a New Realm of thinking, doing and most importantly brewing. We ask questions. Rethink tradition. Bend the rules. Reconfigure boundaries. What we do next all comes down to one simple pursuit: to never become stale in any sense or style. | more...


Named after the legendary poet and musician in Greek mythology, Orpheus Brewing is located in Morningside. The brewery overlooks a section of Piedmont Park and is now open for tours and tastings. | more...


Second Self Beer Company is a craft brewery in West Midtown Atlanta, GA. We believe layers of character and flavor can be built to be greater than the sum of its parts. Our no-compromise approach to both ingredients and techniques ensures a quality craft product for our consumers. No shortcuts. ... | more...


From the Torched Hop website:

Torched Hop was founded by Atlanta natives Chris and Stephen Bivins. Shortly after graduating from Auburn, they realized sitting behind a desk 40 hours a week was not their idea of a good time. You can now find them cleaning the restrooms, bussing tables, and brewing ... | more...


A seasonal rotation of ciders are offered along with three traditional alcoholic ciders. The cidery also has a tasting room and offers growler days every Thursday from 5:30-8 p.m. with growler fill discounts on tap ciders. | more...