Is Salsa Chest 2016’s Adele?

All the excuse your grandma needs to kick off her slippers and slide across the linoleum this New Year's Eve.

?Time magazine recently described Adele as "the only pop star you can listen to with your grandma." Salsa Chest’s new video for “Big Picture” presents a bold challenge to that claim: Not only are they pop stars she’ll listen to, they’re pop stars she’ll wildly dance to as well. Rollicking synths, the crack of a drum machine snare, and Addison Adams simply smooth voice give your grandma the excuse she wanted to kick her slippers off and slide across the linoleum this New Year's Eve. The video mixes dance tutorial, healthy eating propaganda, and abstract art. William Kennedy and Addison have concocted a perfect pop nugget for friends and family, press play for the sound of the New Year and the moves you’ll use as 2015 blends into 2016.
? Salsa Chest, IFLY, Michael Jackson (impersonator), and more ring in the New Year at the Mammal Gallery Thurs., Jan 31. Free. 9 p.m. 91 Broad St S.W. 678-744-7095. www.mammalgallery.com.

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