To submit your business listing, you must register on the site. If you have already registered, you may login here. Otherwise, you may register HERE.

Once you have registered, login to your account here. You will be taken to your User profile page first. Here you will need to select at least one the following options listed under “Groups you can join”. To enter your business info or events, simply select Option 3:

  1. Select “Artist” if you will be listing items in our CL Artist Gallery.
  2. Select “Band Representatives and Musicians” if you will be placing a Musicians Xchange ad or listing an event for your band.
  3. Select “Organization Representative” if you are an individual or business placing a Loafers Exchange Classified ad, a CL Marketplace item or listing an event for your organization.

If you encounter any issues registering, please contact helpdesk at Include a detailed description of the problem you are encountering and your contact information in the email.