The Editorial department:

Are you a writer, photographer, videographer, or a person obssessed with minutiae and want to detail everything going on in this great city of ours? Maybe your someone who thinks Creative Loafing is the place where you star will shine and your passion realized? Direct all such inquieries to our managing editor, Tony Paris, by email: tony.paris at creativeloafing.com. Include a resume, samples of your work, and or your website information. Currently we are not hiring, but we are always interested in hearing from you.

Press releases:

Submitting a press release? Include the subject and date, if applicable, in the subject line of your email. That is why it is called a subject line and why it is there. “For immediate release” or “Press release for Creative Loafing” in the subject line tell us nothing. Such emails are automatically filtered out as junk mail. Also, in the body of your email, include a brief synopsis — the who, what, when, where, and why — of your email. Do not ask us to click on an attached link to read the press release. We get far too many emails each day to stop and click on links.

Happenings & Events listings:

Do you have a listing for a club, organization, arts group, gallery or other place where people, creatives, and others meet, eat, or drink and you want the event to be included in our events listings, Happenings, or 5 Things To Do? Send a press release (as outlined above) to events at creativeloafing.com.

Do you want to advertise? You are on the wrong page. Go here to contact the advertising department.

Any such inquiries posted to Creative Loafing social media platforms will not be answered.