Where to Eat Malaysian in Atlanta

Our list of Malaysian restaurants in Atlanta.

Kway Teow Mamak Chow From Mamak Malaysian
Photo credit: CL Photo Archives
Kway Teow Mamak Chow from Mamak - 2015

Below is our list of Malaysian restaurants in Atlanta:

Where to Eat Malaysian Food in Atlanta


The owners of Korean mini-chain Sweet Hut expand with a Malaysian-style food hall featuring more than 100 dishes. Mon.-Sat.: 11 a.m.-11 p.m.; Closed Sunday | more...


Fun take on a Malaysian/Singaporean-style Asian street market but a bit more upscale. This is the Atlanta location of a small chain of Hawker's Markets that have been popular in Florida. Located along the beltline with a refreshing open architecture, this is a fun place to sample a fun cuisine. | more...


In general, Malaysian cuisine cherry-picks its features from Chinese, Indian, and Malay cooking styles. Mamak's sprawling menu includes stewed curries, noodle dishes, and soups. Favorites include Nasi Lemak, a platter filled with hunks of sparerib, potatoes, coconut rice, anchovies, and a hard-boil... | more...


Website: When you’re craving that something special, but you’re not sure what you need, walk on over to T1 Bento & Grill! "They serve all tradition Korean cuisine, lots buns, rolls and noodles." "My fav location for quality Malaysian food." "Malaysian food at this place - very tasty." | more...


Malaysian and Thai cuisines are offered in a casual, theatrical setting. Authentic if somewhat mainstreamed recipes, brisk service, and great lighting add to the experience of solid Thai food in Toco Hills. | more...


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