Where to Eat Late Night in Atlanta

Our list of 24 hour restaurants and late night food options.

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Majestic Diner Poncey Highland

Below is our list of Atlanta restaurants, delis and markets that are open 24 hours or late night:

Where to Eat late night in Atlanta


There are three components that make a taco superb: the tortillas, the filling, and the salsa. El Rey de Taco gets them all right. Pat yourself on the back if you're lucky enough to catch one of the tortilla mavens making handmade tortillas that emanate the unmistakable smell of fresh masa. When it ... | more...

Bar or Pub

Holeman and Finch Public House has changed the face of Atlanta's dining scene since opening in 2008. From the outset, H&F's cocktail program set off a citywide race to blend obscure spirits into crowd-pleasing tipples. The 10 p.m. off-menu cheeseburger established a widely imitated gold stan... | more...


Landmark Diner is the type of place you and your friends go after clubbing for a huge platter of food to counteract all the drinks. Now, Atlantans go for the 6-inch-tall cakes. | more...


For all the debauchery and bleary-eyed clubbing that ordering a plate of hash browns at 4 a.m. entails, this is the only place to go. Delightfully greasy burgers, eggs, grits, and other diner favorites stave off oncoming hangovers and settle woozy, boozy tummies. Stone-cold sober? This Atlanta insti... | more...


Website: Since 1995, the Marietta Diner has offered 24-hour-a-day deliciousness. The diner has been a hit with people here at home and across the country, even before a feature on Food Network’s “Diner, Drive-ins and Dives.” | more...


Tucked away in a small strip mall just off I-85, Myung Ga Won's colorful — and slightly retro — facade looks more like a bowling alley than a 24-hour dining establishment. The menu is rife with Korean specialties — bubbling tofu stew, bi bim bop, seafood and scallion pancakes and beef soup. But the ... | more...


Vietnamese food is good any time of day so Pho 24 is open from 9 a.m. to 6 a.m. the next morning. Pho 24 serves up delicious Vietnamese staples like bánh mì for guests to enjoy whenever they fancy. | more...


Twenty-five years on, the South Buckhead restaurant remains delightfully weird. Raw foods, vegetarian dishes, burgers and breakfast are served 24 hours a day. | more...

Live Music Club

Floor to ceiling renovations! With live music from the likes of Zack Brown, Butch Walker, Blackberry Smoke, and John Mayer plus past performances from legends like David Bowie, one could make a strong argument that Smith's is the best small-venue music room in Atlanta.  Open Mic, Comedy, Trivia and ... | more...

Late Night Food

Black-owned Business
Kamal Grant has his dough down — his doughnuts ($1/each and $10/dozen) spring back into shape after each bite and taste like butter instead of fryer oil. His take on a Boston cream doughnut is whimsically shaped into a proud "A" for Atlanta, filled with silky custard and dipped in premium Belgian Ca... | more...

Live Music Club

Cheap beer, pool tables, and fried food are the pillars of this dingy Midtown strip mall dive. Conveniently located next to Landmark Midtown, this is the perfect place to throw back a few after catching a flick on a Friday night. | more...


Other late night food options

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, (770) 806-9880
, (404) 893-0088
, (404) 876-7307
, (404) 874-6152
, (404) 874-6152
, (770) 879-0101
, (404) 343-6792
, (770) 497-1155
, (404) 584-0335
, (404) 875-1667
, (404) 815-8990

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