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Looking for insight into Atlanta's startup culture? Black-Owned Businesses? A good list of Co-Working Spaces? Atlanta is well known in the corporate world for its business-friendly climate. Far less known is the vibrant entrepreneurship happening all over the region. The robust technology infrastructure that has been here for years due to the presence of Ga Tech and a few pioneering companies like Scientific Atlanta give legs to a cool set of tech business startups. The very visible legendary entrepreneurs like Ted Turner, Bernie Marcus, Arthur Blank and recent big names like Tyler Perry and Sara Blakely contribute to a nice "can do" attitude in Atlanta.

Creative Loafing has incubated its share of businesses since we began in 1972. Our role has been to draw attention to interesting people and ideas and to share these with CLers who aren't shy about jumping on board something new, fresh and exciting.


Restaurant, Cupcake Shop

Black-owned Business
From Baker Dude Bakery Cafe: We’re committed to helping you enjoy all your bakery café favorites made with the freshest ingredients and offering an array of delicious options to satisfy all diets. Our truly exceptional staff takes great pride in serving you with distinction and entertaining you in t... | more...


Black-owned Business
No description provided | more...

Late Night Food, Doughnut Shop, 24 hours

Black-owned Business
Kamal Grant has his dough down — his doughnuts ($1/each and $10/dozen) spring back into shape after each bite and taste like butter instead of fryer oil. His take on a Boston cream doughnut is whimsically shaped into a proud "A" for Atlanta, filled with silky custard and dipped in premium Belgian Ca... | more...

Art Gallery

Black-owned Business

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Thursday September 14, 2017 12:00 AM EDT
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Friday May 27, 2016 03:45 PM EDT
It goes down this Saturday at Mammal Gallery: "Nobody will leave without silicone in their hand!" | more...