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NEWS BRIEF: Clean energy group seeks commitment from Georgians

05/06/2022 2:00 AM
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy aims for ‘stable climate’

NEWS BRIEF: New startup delivers zero-waste essentials to households

05/04/2022 2:00 AM
Sustainable, convenient deliveries planned

NEWS BRIEF: Georgia river among most threatened in the country, study says

04/27/2022 2:00 AM
Coosa River suffers from nearby poultry farms

NEWS BRIEF: Georgia coastline locals still troubled by Golden Ray shipwreck

04/13/2022 2:00 AM
Locals seeking damages for clean up, tourism hit, effect on environment

NEWS BRIEF: Minorities disproportionately exposed to pollution effects, report affirms

03/15/2022 2:00 AM
‘Minority groups … typically breathe more polluted air than white people do


NEWS BRIEF: Atlanta airport fiasco kills ‘thousands’ of bees

04/28/2022 2:00 AM
Devastation, not honey, for these bees

NEWS BRIEF: Invasive lizards threaten Georgia wildlife

04/16/2022 2:00 AM
Attack of the tegus in Tattnall and Toombs

NEWS BRIEF: “Misunderstood” rattlesnakes getting image makeover in wildlife-friendly event

03/03/2022 1:00 AM
Whigham Rattlesnake Roundup offers compassion for reptiles

NEWS BRIEF: Zoo Atlanta announces the death of Choomba

01/18/2022 6:00 AM
Gorilla matriarch euthanized due to poor health

NEWS BRIEF: Gorillas at Zoo Atlanta get a case of COVID-19

09/14/2021 2:00 PM
COVID catches up with Atlanta gorillas

Opinion - All dogs might not go to heaven

12/05/2013 4:00 AM
Atlanta shelters’ new leaders strive to go no-kill


NEWS BRIEF: New replenishing program aims to sustain Atlanta trees

04/29/2022 2:00 AM
Arborists dig in for ATL tree canopy

NEWS BRIEF: Gwinnett to open Beaver Ruin Wetlands Park in 2024

12/09/2021 6:00 AM
New playground for critters — and humans, too

Opinion - Time to rethink private events in public parks

05/15/2015 4:00 AM
Why do we gate off our most prized spaces, even for a night?

Opinion - The politics of park benches

01/15/2015 4:00 AM
Beltline design process gives chance to rethink approach to homelessness

Opinion - Atlanta for sale

12/10/2014 4:00 AM
Doesn’t putting private advertisements on public spaces sound like a good plan?

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