Where to Eat Vietnamese in Atlanta

Our list of Vietnamese Restaurants in Atlanta.

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Bún with tofu at Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup

Below is our list of Vietnamese restaurants in Atlanta:

Where to Eat Vietnamese Food in Atlanta

Restaurant, Seafood, Cajun

Bon Ton is a Vietnamese-inspired Cajun/Creole concept from the team behind the Lawrence and Crawfish Shack. Expect plenty of fried Cajun fare, seafood and fusion items like blackened crawfish banh-mi. Hours: Sun., Tues.-Sat., 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Closed Monday. | more...


Website: At Chai Yo Modern Thai, award-winning Chef/Owner DeeDee Niyomkul constructs imaginative classical Thai dishes using modern techniques that carry the breath and soul of Thailand in every bite. Niyomkul's menu is carefully focused on delivering an inventive interplay of Thai flavors and textu... | more...


Owners Mylinh Cao and her mother, Tham Mai, strive to bring a taste of Vietnam to downtown, and standard Vietnamese dishes — such as pho and com — abound. The bun dishes provide a refreshing spin on the average lunchtime salad — chilled rice vermicelli noodles are loaded with your choice of meat or ... | more...


Hoàng Toan Restaurant DBA Pho 24 Venture is an Asian diner that offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine. From pho noodle soup to rice plates, the restaurant has a wide variety of dishes that encompass most of the foods and beverages of Vietnam.

Made from an 8-hour cooking process of beef bones with a ... | more...

Bakery, Restaurant, Deli/Sandwiches

A varied clientele proves the universal language of food sometimes transcends cultural differences. Loyal customers come for the fresh French bread, Asian sweets, and inexpensive bowls of rice or noodle soup. | more...


Vietnamese food is so much more than spring rolls and noodle soup, and Nam Phuoug offers a delicious education for those wanting to delve deeper into this beguiling cuisine. Its pho is some of the metro area's best. | more...


We are family own authentic Vietnamese Pho restaurant. | more...


There's little more satisfying than a big bowl of pho, and Pho Dai Loi makes the best. The broth is clear with no sediment or heavy anise flavor, and the noodles never stick together. Other items such as the spring rolls and the bun (a large bowl of cold rice noodles topped with meat and/or seafood,... | more...

Other Vietnamese Restaurants

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, (678) 705-9156
, (404) 767-7245
, (404) 254-4440
, (770) 249-8989
, (470) 294-1437
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