Where to Eat Middle Eastern in Atlanta

The ultimate list of Middle Eastern dishes and restaurants in Atlanta.

Sivas Midtown   Middle Eastern Cuisine
Photo credit: Eric Cash
Sivas Midtown - Turkish Cuisine - 2015

Here’s our list of the Best Middle Eastern Restaurant awards each year.

The Best Middle Eastern in Atlanta according to our Critics is:

Sufi’s menu has let the world of Persian flavors take a step toward the mainstream in Atlanta. Flanked by the dining room’s deep red brocade walls and paintings of whirling dervishes, and seated under a ceiling of white fabric, you might encounter some form of culinary enlightenment. The menu has a ... | more...

The Best Middle Eastern in Atlanta according to our Readers is:

Comfort mixed with a hint of the exotic. This Persian eatery offers such treats as kashk badenjoon, a warm, blended eggplant and onion appetizer; mast mousir, a garlic and yogurt dip; and shirazi salad, a medley of chopped cucumbers, tomatoes and parsley with a citrus dressing. $$ ($10-$20) | more...

Last Year’s Critic’s Choice for Best Middle Eastern

It is impossible to visit this Middle Eastern bakery and leave with just one item. This store is sure to delight locals and tourists alike. | more...


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