Twin Studies welcomes warm weather with two new sun-baked singles

Atlanta shoegazers release two new tracks leading up to their first full-length effort.


Twin Studies follow up the Precious Places EP with two new tracks titled “Attic Room” and “Space Girl.” Both see Aubry Meers taking lead on vocals alongside band mates Jay Stanley, Jacob Armando, and Stephen Lewis. Stanley wrote the instrumentation and vocals for the group's first EP, but on this latest effort the band puts the instruments together for a more collaborative sound. Twin Studies added live drumming to the recording process versus the drum machine used on the first project, and the result defines the opening slaps of “Attic Room.”

Each song grows taller through the melody culminating with a swirly haze of sounds, before reducing itself back to a warmer tone. The synergetic creative process has each member’s distinct footprint on the music, a course the band will take with its next album.”

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