Jib Kidder Lives in Your Dreams

An interview with collage musician Jib Kidder.

Jib Kidder - Always Now
from Jib Kidder on Vimeo.


Jib Kidder fights the information overload of the 21st Century with, well, an information overload. As a director, his videos take their cues from somewhere in between Koyaanisqatsi and Everything is Terrible!. As a musician, his songs land him somewhere in between musique concrète originator Pierre Schaeffer and cut-and-paste pioneers Double Dee & Steinski. And then we have his amazing, meticulous online collection of regional Southern hip hop, Twankle & Glisten, along with his archive of NOLA Bounce sample sources. In his spare time he makes Lindsay Lohan fast food t-shirts and weed-rap mixtapes as DJ Kid Slizzard, and turns out “So You Think You Can Dance” with club killers. Jib Kidder, a former Atlanta resident, is heading to town this Friday, January 28th, for a 9 o’clock show at the Highland Inn. He was kind enough to stop by Crib Notes for an interview...read it below.