The Gotobeds vs. Chunklet

Sub Pop signees kick-off lathe cut series

Pittsburgh post-punks and Sub Pop signees the Gotobeds' next Atlanta stop doubles as a record release party. The band is one of the first to be featured as part of a limited-run lathe cut singles series, issued by local imprint Chunklet Industries and Indianapolis' Third Uncle Records.

Chunklet's founder Henry Owings helped book the show and is co-hosting festivities with his wife, Sarah. "I have wanted to work with the Gotobeds for ages, but once they signed to Sub Pop, I knew that a super-limited release wouldn't interfere with their contract or work schedule," Owings says. "Another Pittsburgh band had their single go into production at the same time. But when the Gotobeds told me of their show here in Atlanta, well, I wanted to make sure it became an event."

Only 50 copies of the record, featuring older tunes "New Dress" and "New York Swagger," were cut by Third Uncle's Billy Stines.

The Gotobeds story began with a lengthy incubation period between the band's 2009 formation, the 2014 release of its breakout LP, Poor People are Revolting on Matador co-owner Gerard Cosloy's 12XU label, and its April 1, 2015, deal with Sub Pop. That time allowed the band to develop a sound inspired by the Swell Maps and Wire's boundless experimentation, and the early Replacements' reckless abandon.

Emerging from Pittsburgh provides singer and guitarist Eli Kasan, guitarist Tom Payne, drummer Cary Belbeck, and bassist Gavin Jensen with a wealth of dreary imagery ripe for deconstruction. "The gritty landscape influences what you are doing," Kasan says. "In the same way living in Spain influenced Picasso's paintings because he had a lot of beautiful, natural light. A German artist's work looks different than someone from Spain because their cultural viewpoint is different. I'm not saying that's always the case, because with the connectivity of the Internet you look beyond your sphere of influence. Historically, I'd say that environmental influence would be the case for me."

Although his band is on the verge of sharing its post-punk sound with a global audience following the summertime release of its debut Sub Pop LP, Kasan maintains a DIY mindset. "I don't know why anyone would do this beyond trying to have the most fun they've ever had," Kasan says. "We still don't think it's a career. It's something we're hoping to do for as long as we can."

As for the lathe cut series, Owings plans to release singles by local bands All the Saints, Shepherds, and Omni, alongside out-of-towners Major Stars, Obnox, and Damon Che of Don Caballero's band Thee Speaking Canaries. All the Saints' single will be released at Owings' Stand Up Stand Off comedy event on May 21 at 529. The evening doubles as the band's first live appearance in over two years.