Sound Menu November 18 2000 Fri

Noted acts
BIG ASS TRUCK, JILL SOBULE, ELENI MANDELL — Don’t worry, this isn’t the weirdest bill since Hendrix opened for the Monkees; there are two shows, with separate admission. Which is perfect, because it’s unlikely that Jill Sobule’s snappy, witty, folk-pop would resonate with Big Ass Truck’s hip-hop flavored Memphis swamp-soul-rock stew. Sobule’s amiable personality makes her homey show and chatty stage patter seem like a visit to her living room, while BAT bombards you with so many eclectic sounds — not to mention a live DJ — it’s duck-and-cover time. Both are recommended. Sobule’s opening act Eleni Mandell sings with voice that’s alternately haunting, arresting and sensual on her impressive new CD Thrill. Doors for Sobule at 6 p.m., BAT at 10 p.m. Smith’s Olde Bar (Horowitz/Nicoll)
BOO! — Boo! is a South African band that incorporates reggae and new wave without really sounding like the Police. Their live show has been described as “Devo meets Talking Heads with a little old skool Bowie thrown in.” Boo!’s album Seventies, Eighties, Nineties, Naughties sounds like electro-ska with a dash of Jamiroquai that you can awkwardly dance to even if you’re far too hip. They’re part of MJQ’s third anniversary party, which is undoubtedly worth attending. MJQ Concourse (Ware)
STEVE EARLE, MATTHEW RYAN — Returning to the area in support of the wonderful new CD Transcendental Blues, Earle brings Yankee guitar whiz Eric Ambel on a rare trek below the Mason-Dixon line. It’s loud, it’s psychedelic, it’s almost three hours long and it’s all Steve Earle, proving once again that he took a licking and keeps on kicking. The most immediate comparison that comes to mind when listening to opening act Matthew Ryan’s low and gruff delivery is Bruce Springsteen at his more moderate and contemplative. But while Ryan may share the vocal style and working class background of the Boss, his moody rock vignettes have a direction all their own. The destination is often a melancholy intersection of both disapproval and poetic optimism. Georgia Theatre/Athens (Kelly/Hutchinson)
EL CAMINOS, SUPERJAK — Shout it out ... shout it out loud. Shouting is about the only way you’ll be heard over this hard metallic double-fisted bill. The El Caminos sheer volume is penetrating, while Superjak’s sound is pierced by a mix of Tool, a little 311 and a lot of Rage rock. Dottie’s (Ware)
ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO — Ever the musical chameleon, Escovedo is currently touring without his orchestra, instead bringing fellow Austinite David Garza and Giant Sand member Eric Heywood along for the ride. The semi-acoustic trio present a variety of reworked tunes from Escovedo’s back catalog, and some new material from his next Bloodshot release. No matter how he wraps it up, Escovedo’s performances are always stellar. Star Bar (Kelly)
JAZZ MANDOLIN PROJECT, CHARLIE HUNTER TRIO — Welcome to a night of jaw-dropping instrumental musicianship with the appropriately named headliners featuring the astounding mandolin playing of Jamie Masefield, and the how-does-he-do-it? simultaneous bass and guitar work of frequent Atlanta visitor Charlie Hunter (see article). Both jam righteously, yet neither is particularly dance-oriented, so the chair-less atmosphere of the venue is a definite debit. But with musicianship this amazing, you’ll want to scoot up close to watch the fingers fly. Planet Jam Cotton Club (Horowitz)
LE SHOK, !!!, THE OXES, PORTRAIT — Not your typical hardcore/punk show at all. All four of these bands offer something unique. Le Shok mixes old Brit punk (Vibrators come to mind) with some post-punk sensibilities. The band named after dramatic punctuation plays surprisingly subdued but plenty strange experimental dub. Locals Portrait orchestrate their emo-core for an unlikely yet successful take on the usual. The Oxes are probably the most “normal” of this odd bunch, their thrashing energy quite familiar save for the complete lack of vocals. Under the Couch (Foy)
MACHA, CASIONOVA — Certainly the most worldly band to emerge from the fertile Athens scene, Macha’s intricately produced Indonesian rock — complete with vibes, Javanese zither and Sumatran gongs — plays better in concert than you’d expect. While not the most congenial bunch on stage, their set, like their two studio albums, builds slowly but surely until each song is practically indistinguishable from the next. Still, Macha mines a distinctive groove and digs in deep. Opening act Casionova is an Atlanta supergroup of sorts, featuring members of American Dream, BOB, Osaka and Aphelion. Echo Lounge (Horowitz)
MIXER — A live event in connection with the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center’s exhibit, “Mix Tape,” which examines the cross-currents of music and video, “Mixer” features local DJ Gnosis as well as celebrated U.K. electronic musician and conceptual artist Scanner. Local art/music collective Fascia also presents an experimental short film set to its own live musical score. In addition, James Herbert music videos and Stan Brakhage film shorts will be screened. For more information, see eleven50 (Sarig)
PAUL OAKENFOLD — See Show ‘n’ tell, p. 80. North Atlanta Trade Center (Ware)
ORGY, CRAZY TOWN — The only thing that really ties headliner Orgy and opening act Crazy Town together is some fluid baritone bass flowing through their respective sounds. While Orgy is the band on Korn’s label, Crazy Town’s hot-headed, phat-pants and hoodies hysterics will actually attract the Korn/Kid Rock/Limp Bizkit fans with their better-than-average (but lowest-common-denominator) rapcore. Orgy’s latest disc, Vapor Transmission, follows in a predictable path after their hit cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday.” Orgy’s music — a new wave of industrial beats as slinky and shimmery as their silver pants-wearing audience — sinks into you like shiny nail polish-coated claws, forcing you to shimmy. Roxy (Ware)
JOHNNY STAATS — With his debut CD Wires & Wood, UPS delivery man Johnny Staats is finally gaining some overdue recognition as one of the finest mandolinists around today. While he hasn’t quit his day job yet, he’s taking some leave to deliver his bluegrass/folk blend to audiences across the country. Brandyhouse (Sarig)
STRING CHEESE INCIDENT — One of the most popular of the current proliferation of indie-label jam bands, this Denver quintet seems to be shifting into the big leagues. And with zero radio/MTV exposure, you know they’ve toured their butts off for the better part of a decade to get here. So expect dazzling musicianship with extended improvisations, heavy on the bluegrass, light-funk and, especially, jazz. Undeniably talented, when they hit a groove, the jammers sound like prime period Allman Brothers, but when they clown around, you’d wish they’d just shut up and play. Tabernacle (Horowitz)
ULTRABABYFAT, PROTEST SINGER AINSLEY MCTREE — The hard-rocking pop of the local ladies in Ultrababyfat returns to the stage for the first time since bassist Britta Phillips up and joined New York-based Luna. They’ll also be sporting a new drummer, Shane Sanders (formerly of My Sweet Etc., Chump and Dew). Protest Singer Ainsley McTree — aka David Cross of HBO’s exemplary, eccentric, sorely-missed sketch comedy series “Mr. Show With Bob & David” — opens the show with a set of stand-up comedy. Cross has been in town filming the “Mr. Show” movie, so his topics could range from a vitriol against the movie industry to his usual profane take on sex, drugs, religion and any sacred cow ready for the BBQ. The Earl (Sarig/Ware)
WRFG HIP HOP CONCERT & FUNDRAISER — T-Mo and Big Gipp of Goodie Mob headline this “Hip Hop Against Police Brutality” fundraiser for community radio station, WRFG. Also performing will be Goodie Mob cohort Backbone, mystical rap duo Scienz of Life and drum ‘n’ bass/hip-hoppers Proton. For more information, call 404-523-3471. Africa House of Peace/840 Ralph D. Abernathy Blvd. (Sarig)
Also performing
9 LIVES SALOON: Hundred Dollar Day, Chain Poets, Beyond the Box, The Accusations
10TH AND MYRTLE: Ian Schumacher
40 WATT CLUB-ATHENS: 15th Anniversary Tour - drivin ‘n cryin, National Anthem
513 CLUB: Dr. Wankles, Allian Spyz, Loggerhead, Vertigo Lounge
AFRICA HOUSE OF PEACE - ABERNATHY BLVD.: Benefit featuring T-Mo & Big Gipp of Goodie Mob; Crooked Eye Q, Backbone & Zone 3; Raggs; Scienz of Life; Jatis; Starr the Femcee; Proton; DJ Boom Bip & DJ Rage
AFTER DARK CABARET: Washed Up Lounge Lizards
BAYOU ROOM: Connisseaurs
BILLY’S: Jeffrey Alan
BLUE LAGOON LOUNGE: League of Decency, Little Joey’s Jumpin’ Jive
BLUE RACCOON: Bill Sheffield and the Ringtail Rounders
BRIDGES: Jazz with the Sharp Four
THE CHAMBER: Glitterdome
CHIP’S-WINDER: Charles Walker & Johnny Jones Soul/Blues Review
CJ’S LANDING: Read My Lips, Dan Random
COPELAND’S: Lachez-Lez
DARK HORSE TAVERN : Persona, Crave, Acres
DARWIN’S: Blues Barons
DOTTIE’S: El Caminos, Blue Druids, Superjak
THE EARL: Heroine Sheiks (members of the Cows), Ultrababyfat, Protest Singer Ainsley McTree (comedian David Cross)
ECHO LOUNGE: Macha, Casionova
EDDIE’S ATTIC: Jan Smith & the Acoustic Group, Amy Polais, Wakeman & Willner
ELEVEN50: Mixer featuring DJ Gnosis, film screenings, fascia and Scanner
EMBERS: Savage Sisters
FUZZY’S: Donnie McCormick
HUEY’S: Live jazz
KAYA: “Northern Exposures” with Frank Ski, Kemit, Buddy and J-Nice spinning house and hip-hop
MARY’S: DJ Jigsaw
MASQUERADE: Armani Death Machine, Package, 5 More Dead, Malicious Mischief
MJQ CONCOURSE: Boo! - MJQ third anniversary party
MURPHY’S LAW: Blue Collar All Stars
THE OFFICE: Uncle Don’s Bullet-proof Blues Band
THE PUB: The Naked Truth
RAY’S ON THE RIVER: The Tony Winston Jazz Trio: Orgy, Crazy Town
RUDY’S: Big Al Jano & the Blues Mafia
SHOWCASE EVENT CENTRE-MCDONOUGH: Miller Lite Showdown featuring Molly Hatchet, Georgia Satellites
SMITH’S OLDE BAR: Big Ass Truck, Jill Sobule & Eleni Mandell (separate show at 6 p.m.)
STAR BAR-L5P: Stomp and Stammer anniversary party with Alejandro Escovedo, Glory Fountain
SWEET MELISSA’S-DECATUR: Expressions (toy and food fundraising gig)
THE TABERNACLE: String Cheese Incident
TASTY WORLD-ATHENS: A Few Loose Screws, Mobway
UGLY MUG PUB: Mike Veal and the DeVilles
THE VAULT: Retro Wave - ’80s with DJ Caz10