Sound Menu January 27 2001 Wed week out

KIMBALL COLLINS — An undeniable originator in the Florida scene, DJ Kimball Collins nurtured the Orlando progressive trance and house scene by supporting appearances of other DJs such as Brits Sasha and Digweed back before they were anywhere near headlining Twilo. Like a stiff drink, Collins is always a pleaser with a twist — kicking it hard, leaving a warm afterglow. Local DJ Keri also spins. Riviera (Ware)
SMOKIN’ JOE KUBECK — This Texas-based guitar-slinger makes the most of his roadhouse blues yin by prominently featuring the yang of singer/second guitarist Bnois King, who adds laid back warmth to Kubeck’s sizzling, rock-hard leads. While they push no envelopes, the band plows through their set of predominantly originals with a conviction and dedication that comes from non-stop roadwork over a dozen one-night-stand years. Join them for a tasty meal of rowdy Texas six-string blues with a sumptuous side of soul. Blind Willie’s (Horowitz)
GRETA LEE, THE SOUVENIRS — The Souvenirs may be Seattle’s twangy answer to Athens’ Star Room Boys, but the brightest star tonight will be the human fireball Greta Lee. Her impassioned singing and spunky attitude is earning more and more acclaim from the cigar-chompers on Music Row in Nashville, so it probably won’t be long before Atlanta’s country sweetheart is considered a national treasure. Echo Lounge (Smith)
PUDDIN, HELGAS, MOTO-LITAS — Puddin is a new thrash-pop trio formed by refugees from Loaded Dice, Julius Pleaser and the Mouthbreathers; and the heavy-hitting Helgas are a fiery reincarnation of the early 17 Years. Meanwhile, the Moto-Litas have rapidly matured into one of the scene’s most promising new acts, with a charm and a rocking fervor that compares favorably to Ultrababyfat. Star Bar (Nicoll/Smith)
SUE WITTY, DAVE DAULT, MELANIE HAMMETT — This writers-in-the-round event showcases the strong pipes of local acoustic troubadour Melanie Hammett, whose sound is as comfortable as a well-worn denim jacket. Jocular guitarist Dave Dault (of area art-rock trio Feyerabend) and the aptly named Sue Witty will trade tunes with Hammett. Eddie’s Attic (Nicoll)
0% VITAMIN A — While the punk rock purist ethic usually reserves little room for stylistic experimentation, 0% Vitamin A finds ways to stroke the pure punk nerve while going that little extra distance. From hyperdrive bluegrass to Zappa-esque angry ’50s prom music, the band isn’t afraid to poke its punk head into the business of its “respectable” stylistic peers. Darkhorse Tavern (Hutchinson)
BLIND WILLIE’S: Smokin’ Joe Kubek and Bnois King
BRANDYHOUSE: Ghost Trane, Agape
BRIDGES: Piano with Bruce
CJ’S LANDING: Top-of-the-Tree II with Toy, Ethan & the Ewox, Sexxxy Circus
DARK HORSE TAVERN: New Talent Night with Driven, 0% Vitamin A, Jodo Kast
DARWIN’S: Open Blues Jam hosted by Heaven Davis
ECHO LOUNGE: Greta Lee Band, Souvenirs
EDDIE’S ATTIC: Sue Witty, Dave Dault, Melanie Hammett
FAT MATT’S RIB SHACK: The Electromatics
FUZZY’S: Mike Veal
METROPOLITAN PIZZA: Metropolitan is Wednesday
NOMENCLATURE MUSEUM: Reunion - darkwave, ether pop and trance
PEASANT UPTOWN: Steven Charles Jazz Duo
RED LIGHT CAFÉ: Acoustic open mic
SMITH’S OLDE BAR: Rebirth Brass Band, Juice
STAR BAR-L5P: Puddin’, the Helgas, the Moto-litas