Sound Menu March 06 2002 Sat

BEAUX ARTS TRIO — Making its debut in 1955, the Beaux Arts Trio is considered by many to be the world’s premiere chamber music ensemble. In its latest incarnation, pianist Manahem Pressler is joined by two members of the younger generation, violinist Young Uck Kim and cellist Antonio Meneses. Spivey Hall (Brown)

BELMONT PLAYBOYS, BILLY JOE WINGHEAD, JIMMY AND THE TEASERS — A raucous good time is in store for the tattoo-and-chain-wallet crowd when the Belmont Playboys pound their mighty rockabilly through the Star Bar. Opening act Billy Joe Winghead tosses a wild curve at alt-country with a theremin — of all things — in their musical arsenal. The outrageous Jimmy and the Teasers get the show off to a rousing start with their Cramps-like brand of bomp ‘n’ stomp cool. Star Bar (Nicoll)

BREAST FEST — See listing for Fri., March 8. Tasty World/Athens (Sarig)

CROOKED FINGERS, KELLY HOGAN — Sensitive, poetic miserablism or dreary, sad-sack drinking songs? Either way, no one’s ever gonna confuse former Archers of Loaf frontman Eric Bachmann’s Crooked Fingers with ABBA. If down-in-the-dumps is your idea of a fun night out, then this one’s for you. Buoying the mood a bit is former Atlantan Kelly Hogan, who generously leavens melancholy with grit, spunk and purty singing. Echo Lounge (Robertson)

DISAPPEAR FEAR — One of a handful of reunion shows for this activist duo from Baltimore. Sisters Sonia Rutstein and Cindy Frank started the band back in 1987, but Frank took an extended break from performing in the ’90s to devote more time to her family. Rutstein has since carried on as a solo artist.

JANAH — See listing for Fri., March 8. Borders Books and Music (Sarig)

NAUGHTY BY NATURE — They’ve been out of the limelight long enough to call into question the likelihood of a comeback, but in their prime this Jersey hip-hop trio offered a formidable combination of sharp rhyming and great pop songwriting. The group’s new album, iicons, comes out next month. Catch a sneak preview when they perform in South DeKalb Mall at a celebrity fashion show (1-3 p.m.) and at the World Bar’s after-party that night, when they’re joined by 404 Soldierz. South DeKalb Mall/World Bar (Sarig)

THE SHOW WITH THE BOOMIN’ SYSTEM — Clunky name aside, this is about as close to a “who’s who in Atlanta indie hip-hop scene” as you’re likely to find. MassInfluence, Good Company, Minamina Goodsong, The Hemisphere, Psyche Origami, Binkis Records and Scienz of Life are set to display their mic skills — and they’ve all got the goods. Cotton Club (Sarig)

HANK WILLIAMS JR. — See listing for Sat., March 9. Fox Theatre (J.Kelly)

WESLEY WILLIS — Believe it or not, some people will actually pay to hear the demented musical ramblings of a schizophrenic homeless man. But Wesley Willis is not your average street nut — and his cheesily repetitive songs are sure to provide an evening of demented entertainment. The Earl (Jordan)