Edgar's top 5 North American beers

Half of Jucifer

Winnebago-wieldin', amp-smokin', pet-totin', beer- (root and malt) drinkin' Jucifer — the home-on-the-range, louder-than-hell duo formerly from Athens — is guitarist/vocalist/volume icon Amber Valentine and arm-flailin' drummer Ed Livengood. They eat and drink all over this great country as they tour in their rockin' motor home. They're back in town Sat., Jan. 6 ($10, 9 p.m., at Star Bar), still touring in support of their majestic album, If Thine Enemy Hunger.

1) Fort Collins Brewery Chocolate Stout — "My hands-down favorite of the year, drank so much of the stuff I started sweating it! Rich, dark-as-hell stout with chocolate undertones and a smooth finish. Warning! You may find yourself drinking this for breakfast. This is the only micro on my list because after this one, none of the others are even worth tasting." www.fortcollinsbrewery.com

2) Piels Draft Style — "The best pretzel-eating beer in the world, goes well with pepper jack cheese and Triscuits; smooth, light taste."

3) Blatz — "A Milwaukee tradition! Slightly sweet and incredibly drinkable American lager, like PBR with balls."

4) Stag — "The joke beer of the Midwest. Can't explain why, but I love this shit. Probably the kick-ass can."

5) Hamm's — "The ultimate old-man beer. 'From the land of sky-blue waters.' Enough said, amen."

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