Brian Kelly's Top Five revolutionary songs

General manager of WMRE shows the way

Not only is Brian Kelly the general manager of Emory's Web-based radio station, WMRE (www.students.emory.edu/WMRE), he's a one-man revolution. Last semester, the Abbie Hoffman disciple rallied to be Emory's next student government president. Draped in an American flag, Kelly answered debate questions through a megaphone, spouting hilarious revolutionary rhetoric like "disband the Pig Empire" to a horrified audience. Sadly, Kelly lost the election. Now, he's here to list the top five songs to blast while fighting the good fight.

1) "War Pigs," Black Sabbath: "A fantastic anti-war, anti-Pig Empire ballad, complete with killer guitar riffs and soaring vocals."

2) "March of the Revolutionary Youth": "Propaganda song from the Cultural Revolution in China. Lyrics like 'March on, march forward, revolutionary youth' really epitomize the feelings and goals of the campaign to bring down the Pig Empire."

3) "Bastards of Young," the Replacements: "Hits pretty close to home in describing the typical résumé-padding, self-aggrandizing milquetoast [Student Government Association] honkey with lyrics like 'God, what a mess, on the ladder of success ... dreams unfulfilled, graduate unskilled.'"

4) "Fight the Power," Public Enemy: "Duh."

5) "Teenage Lobotomy," the Ramones: "Attacks the complacency of the typical apathetic college student. It makes me fucking sick to hear people complain about the state of affairs and do nothing about it."

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