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Marvelous 3 and Pineal Ventana celebrate CD releases

Marvelous 3 and Pineal Ventana celebrate CD releases

Marvelous 3 and Pineal Ventana, two acts who have nothing in common besides being from Atlanta, both celebrated the release of new material the weekend of Sept. 8. Marvleous 3, on that night four, hosted the release of their third album, ReadySexGo (Elektra), at the Roxy in Buckhead Friday. Pineal Ventana opened a gateway to hell at the Earl Saturday with the release of their fourth album, Axes to Ice (Unit Circle Rekkids). While these two acts differ in more ways than one, the performances honoring the groups' respective efforts highlighted the countless distinctions that make these bands who they are, and keep them worlds apart.

Buckhead always serves as an excellent locale for evenings of alternative music for the masses with 99X's prettyboy flavor-of-the-month band. It should come as no surprise that M3 (who have toured with the likes of Collective Soul, Blink-182 and Orgy), along with opening acts Tsar and SR71, packed 'em in for a sold-out performance.

Like a scene from Derf's comic strip "The City," the show was packed with weekend warrior trash squeezed into leopard print skirts and skin-tight jeans. Visibly undersexed men swarmed trashy women the way buzzards circle road kill. All the while parking lots were charging as much as $20, and a can of Bud Light was running upwards of $4.50.

Tsar opened the show with its brand of limp-wristed rock with Diamond Dogs-era sensibilities. From the photos of the band plastered along the lobby walls one might suspect that the blond bitch at the front of the band is a woman. But after getting a closer look ... it's a man! SR71 followed shortly after, playing a mediocre set of three-chord pop that lasted too long. The band ended its performance with a rendition of Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me." How appropriate.

M3 emerged with the presence of rock 'n' roll soldiers who had been sent off to war and returned victorious. Sporting an American flag T-shirt, front man Butch Walker, along with bassist Jayce Fincher and drummer known only as Slug, took to the stage with a recently added fourth member playing guitar. At one point this new addition to the group's lineup was introduced but his name was inaudibly muffled as the crowd's enthusiasm roared. The group replied by strolling through a set of old and new material, along with an impromptu rock/rhyme version of Lita Ford's "Kiss Me Deadly" and covers of Prince's "Purple Rain" and Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." As the show came to a close, the gracious audience cheered on. M3 had delivered a flawless and crowd-pleasing set, as expected.

With a performance from Pineal Ventana, however, no one can ever be too sure of what to expect. Again, it should come as no surprise that PV chose an East Atlanta hipster spot like the Earl, a venue that never charges more than $2 for parking and where a can of cheap beer won't set you back more than a dollar or so, for the site of its release party.

Electrosleep International got the evening started with its brand of Wire meets Nation of Ulysses-style aggression, and was followed by local filmmaker Chad Rullman's latest offering, Kotoran Jiwa (that's Malaysian for "soul dirt"). Featuring on-screen contributions from Clara Clamp and Mitchell Foy of PV, as well as musical offerings from the group, the film is a brief excursion into the mind of a man afflicted with boredom. Blood, confusion and the personification of inner torment ... you get the idea.

Then, with a brooding and magnificent presence, PV launched into a massive set of bad dream music — sort of early Swans meets Crash Worship, with a few tricks hidden up its sleeve. Clamp and Foy, along with Jason LaForge (PV member since '96), Lindell Todd and Brian Ginn, alternated between a myriad of instruments to create a cacophony of dissonance and destruction. Clamp, with her intimately girlish charm, and Foy, stomping around in a spiked collar, beating on two overturned metal sinks, created an interesting dynamic of beauty butting heads with the beast.

The music relied heavily on percussion and sent its members into the crowd from time to time. Aside from Foy feeding rolls of toilet paper into a leaf blower, burying the audience under a blizzard of TP, the danger never left the stage.

Comparing the weekend's events is like comparing Coca-Cola and motor oil. M3's sugarcoated sensibilities sweetened up its audience while PV set the stage ablaze. Aside from being dark liquids, Coke and motor oil, just like the bands, share nothing in common. Although both acts come from the same city, they create a totally different energy.

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