Rockabilly Rumbles onto two nights

The Star Bar’s 6th Anniversary Dixie Rockabilly Rumble

This weekend’s sixth annual Dixie Rockabilly Rumble, the Star Bar’s multi-band celebration of early rock and twang, will be the first one expanded to two evenings. “With so many bands, it was kind of a lot to put into just one night,” says Atlanta musician Dave Weil, organizer of this weekend’s Rumble. “I’ve been trying to keep it growing, but growing slow enough so I can still do it at the Star Bar. Similar events held in Indiana and Vegas are up to three nights now.”
In addition to the headliners — Rosie Flores on Friday and Marti Brom on Saturday — and a bunch of supporting bands, Weil’s own group, the authentic-sounding Blacktop Rockets, also performs. “I’ve always tried to book at least one local act in addition to the Rockets,” he says, “and I usually go for one of the newer ones. This year it’s the Holy Smokes.”
The Smokes, who open the Friday show, include Clete Reid of the Ramblers on acoustic guitar and vocals, Bill Quigley (ex-Page Boys) on electric lead guitar and Mark Griffiths of the Belmont Playboys on upright bass. “We’ve played with three different drummers, kinda holding out for the right guy,” says Reid. For the Rumble, the band is importing Sean “Lucky” Elbel, formerly of North Carolina band Jack Black.
Asked to describe the Smokes’ sound, Reid shrugs. “I like to call the music Honky Tonk Rock ‘n’ Rollabilly — old-school shake-your-ass rock ‘n’ roll with a pretty aggressive edge. It’s really all about kickin’ hippies butts and raisin’ hell.”
The Dixie Rockabilly Rumble is held at the Star Bar, Fri.-Sat., Feb. 2-3.