Diamond: A favored, timeless friend

If jewelry were like girlfriends, the pecking order would go something like this: "Diamond is your best friend — period." Friends like Ruby and Emerald are near and dear, but neither holds a candle to Diamond. Gold is a great friend who will always stand by you, but even she still does not compare to Diamond. Silver is fun to party with on the weekends, but Diamond wouldn't be caught dead with her. And so it goes.

A classic pair of Tiffany studs, a keepsake solitaire engagement ring, a studded Cartier watch or an over-the-top Neil Lane brooch — nothing ranks higher than sparkling diamonds. And though we average pedestrians may not be dripping in ice and blinding onlookers, one, two, even three diamond accents somewhere on your person are highly acceptable and very of the moment.

I remember my first diamond: For my 16th birthday, 10 of my friends chipped in to buy me a diamond and sapphire — not even my birthstone — ring from Service Merchandise. I thought it was the best gift a girl could ever receive. Though I no longer sport my small-town ring, I still have it, which is more than I can say for the 10 friends.

And make no mistake, it is perfectly acceptable to declare your love for yourself and blow your savings on some bling-paved hoops. P. Diddy buys himself diamonds, so why can't you? On second thought, the artist formerly known as Puff Daddy likely gets his rocks for free. Therefore, so should you. Good luck finding someone rich. Penniless suitors need not apply.

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