White Denim: Fits November 19 2009

Downtown Music

??White Denim’s Fits wields a dizzying, ADD aesthetic that brims with rhythmic dexterity. By design, nothing stays in one place for too long. “Radio Milk How Can You Stand It” opens with a wash of noise that bursts into rhythms snaking through funk, psychedelia and art-rock terrain. The music careens wildly, crashing against the noise-damaged, Tex-Mex spaz of “El Hard Attack Dcwyw” and the spaced-out dub of “Sex Prayer.” At the half-way point, the group’s meds seem to kick in as “Mirrored and Reverse” settles into a groove that continues its wild directional changes but tames the atmosphere. The group’s execution of such lurching musical bouts is impressive, but the rapid-fire nature of it makes Fits an exercise in difficult listening. 3 out of 5 stars.