Two Sevens Clash: The 30th Anniversary Edition

While few reggae artists have reached the worldwide iconic status of Bob Marley, several acts left their mark on popular music. Culture, which was mainly a medium for frontman Joseph Hill, broke into the international scene with this seminal album in 1977. Two Sevens Clash – the name derived from a prophecy by Marcus Garvey that on July 7, 1977, (7-7-77, get it?) there would be events of retribution – became a cornerstone of reggae and launched Culture into the mainstream, at least for a short time. It was the only reggae album listed in Rolling Stone’s 2002 “50 Coolest Albums” article. Hill, along with vocalists Kenneth Dayes and Albert Walker, relied more on the traditional, laid-back rock-steady rhythm patterns than Marley, and their political messages were often tempered with a little humor and positivity. Featuring Kingston stalwarts Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare in the band, this special edition of Two Sevens Clash includes extra tracks and expanded liner notes. Cool? Definitely. 4 stars