The Charms

Easy Trouble DVD

Billed as a “bird’s eye view of a DIY band,” Easy Trouble is a scrapbook of the Boston-based Charms. Some major movers of the garage-rock scene play pivotal roles in their recent ascent into national prominence via Little Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records empire and several Underground Garage tours. Champions of the Charms read like a who’s who of modern-day garage rock and, not surprisingly, most of them appear in the documentary. Among the worshippers in attendance at the band’s rather charming altar are veteran producer Kim Fowley, music journalist Brett Milano, and the brusque and bandana-wrapped patron saint of all things raw and rockin’, Little Steven. Praise aside, the best part of the film is the music, especially the grainy video clips of charismatic guitar- and tambourine-wielding lead singer Ellie Vee in action, fronting various incarnations of the band. 4 stars