The Polyphonic Spree

The Fragile Army

Call it the Uplift Mofo Party Plan for the apocalypse. The latest release from the Dallas-based choral-pop outfit called the Polyphonic Spree is like a lullaby before the storm. With a palpable tinge of the impending societal danger ahead, the album finds leaders Tim DeLaughter and Julie Doyle leading their “Fragile Army,” a mighty choral pop-rock troupe, into a raging, symbolic battle. The CD booklet urges listeners to load the album in their media player as one complete track, a symphonic concept piece with little need for titles. Stripping away their trademark robes and donning custom, heart-emblazoned combat duds, the 16 instrumentalists and 10-piece choir conjure an endearingly positive, deliberately focused batch of songs. As “Running Away,” the best anthem of the set, shifts into the title “section,” the group puts its best face (or all two-dozen-plus faces) forward with a brave, unfailingly luminous march to ultimate victory. 4 stars