The Wonder Years

Get Stoked on It!

The first song on the Wonder Years’ Get Stoked on It! is a one-minute-29-second tour through every subpop genre in the known world, incorporating new-age hardcore, pop, pop punk, electronica, screamo and even a bit of hip-hop, all on top of a cushy emo mattress. Track two, “Bout to Get Fruit Punched, Homie,” takes you exactly where these guys’ heads are – in the clouds. Youthful exuberance shines through on every song, even outshining most songs, and will hopefully last longer than the CD, which rounds out at a brief 32:38. Imagine every song played on your favorite Top 40 station over the past decade twisted up into a 12-track continuous guitar riff, overlaid with whiny keyboards and light-hearted lyrics dealing with all of life’s problems – from losing weight in the mosh pit to Kool-Aid Man coming to terms with his adulterous wife. 2 stars.