Various artists: Live at Eyedrum

Eyedrum Cassettes

The first live recordings culled from the archives of Atlanta art and music incubator Eyedrum for its new cassette imprint are a mass of synth and guitar washes that sound as pretty and/or vacant as the listener makes them. On the A-side, Lockett Pundt (Deerhunter) and Dan Wakefield concoct blissful, abstract drones that tread a bit too closely to new age emptiness for the first several minutes. That doesn't seem intentional, though. As they play on it feels more like the music is driving them, and the busier it gets, the better. Warning Lights (Drew Haddon from Roman Photos) tempers a similar style with textures and micro-rhythms that start off ugly but become infinitely pleasing. Young Again (Seth Bolton of Living Rooms) strips down his voice, guitar and electronics, creating something akin to analog industrial music and avant-garde. It's cold and the sounds he uses draw a lot from the muffled, subliminal sounds of a cassette, adding depth to these spontaneous works of serene minimalism and experimentation. (3 out of 5 stars)